Op. Dr. Volkan Serdar Otrakçı

Op. Dr. Volkan Serdar Otrakçı


Facial skin takes an angular form towards to the chin edges with the influence of aging and gravity. Deep lines occur from the mouth edges downwards, neck skin becomes loose and sagging, vertical bands occur due to the loosened muscles under the neck skin, fat accumulates on the jowl and neck angle becomes obscure.
On the lower facial neck area, the aim is to lift the loosened skin, lift the muscular layer below the skin with sutures, remove the excessive adipose tissue on the neck, lift the neck muscles by stitching them to each other and make the neck angle more evident. For this reason, neck lift surgeries are generally applied with liposuction to neck area, and in required patients, chin tip prostheses and fat injections.
If lipoidosis is present on the neck, fats are generally removed through liposuction. If there are vertical bands on the neck, neck is opened with a incision below the chin and neck muscles are stitched to each other. This procedure makes the neck angle more evident. If the chin bone is behind, it is made evident with chin tip prostheses or fat injections. The lines descending down from the lip edges are filled with fat injections.
For young patients with good skin tightness, neck can be thinned and neck angle can be made evident with liposuction only. Recovery is quick when only liposuction is applied. Generally a bandage is applied on the neck and this has to remain for 3 days. Patients can return to their home on the same day. Swelling and bruises will occur after face and neck lift procedures. Bruises and swelling will generally recover within a week.