Op. Dr. Volkan Serdar Otrakçı

Op. Dr. Volkan Serdar Otrakçı


Hips play a very important role in women’s body structure. The most important element identifying the woman figure it the shape constituted by the waist and hipline curves together with round projected hips, and it is way ahead the breasts when differing the woman body from men’s. Even if a woman’s breasts are small, if she has a proportionate waist and round, full hips, her body structure is feminine and accordingly attractive. However, the body of a woman who has a narrow hipline, flat hips and incurved lines is not feminine and attractive no matter how big and upright her breasts are. Namely, what makes the woman body different from men’s is the contour seen when looked from back. When a woman’s picture is looked from the front side, her breasts catch the attention and if they are nice, one says only “her breasts are beautiful”. One cannot say that her body is beautiful. However, comment can be made about her body when looked from the back side. It can be said to be beautiful or not. Hip aesthetics is a plastic aesthetical surgery application which allows a more full, youthful and upright hip appearance. The application varies according to the patient. Basically, we can divide the hip aesthetics into three categories: Augmentation, reduction and steepening.
Fat injection: Treatment is agreed together with the patient after examining patient’s hips. The best method for augmentation and providing fullness is injecting the fats obtained from excessive areas through liposuction to lacking and empty areas, i.e. filling. This will quite healthy and natural since the patient’s own adipose tissue is used. Its disadvantage is that some of those fats placed are not accepted and dissolved by the body which will lead to a decrease in fullness. Silicone prosthesis: Silicone prosthesis is implanted to the patients with inadequate adipose tissue. Silicone prosthesis is placed within the hip muscle by accessing from a incision which is made between the hip sides on the upper hip part and hidden well. Prosthesis can be placed under the skin, i.e. on the muscle. This depends on plastic surgeon’s decision and preference after evaluating the patient. Thus, prosthesis will not fall on the sitting area and will not cause a disturbance for the patient. The size of this prosthesis to be placed varies according to the patient. A decrease in fullness does not occur because prosthesis will not lessen as with the fat.
Many methods are used in combination to steepen the hips. Patient’s skin quality and hip structure are important here. If the skin is loose ad saggy severely, skin sags are corrected firstly by ablating the skin excess. If necessary, prosthesis application can be performed. In patient with a moderate and good skin quality, adipose tissue injection or prosthesis application can be sufficient.
Hips that are bigger than normal due to weight gain or for structural reasons are made smaller and formed again with liposuction method. Hips are made smaller and also round, full hips are achieved by ablating the fats from the square-shaped lower parts and from the upper hip parts.